Merging the past
with the future.

Together with our partner Adresta, we create an immutable and unforgeable digital passport for your watch bought on zrhbrg. The passport proofs authenticity and your rightful ownership.

Your digital asset is stored on the Swiss Trust Chain, a Blockchain infrastructure based in Switzerland.

It's all about trust.

The passport accompanies the watch its entire lifetime, building up its history - allowing trust and transparency.

It also makes the asset more fungible, facilitating underlying services such as insuring the watch.

One tick ahead.

Enjoy it unconcernedly when you wear your watch.
No worries in case of theft.

Increase the value for resale, whether in the near or distant future. Or just hold it as an investment asset.

  • The authenticity of the watches is validated by our experts here in Switzerland. Important information used for identification is read out and then stored on our forgery-proof platform.
  • All information, services and changes of ownership that the watch will undergo after the sale are documented on this digital twin. As soon as you buy a watch, it is automatically transferred to your own digital wallet. 
  • The technology can determine whether the passport has been altered, which immediately exposes forgeries.

All Swiss Made.
Your watch will be delivered in sustainable packaging, together with a travel case, the physical certificate and the associated digital asset.

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